Tito Manzur is a composer & music producer for the film & TV sync industry who specializes in various genres including orchestral & orchestral hybrids, trailers, tension, hip-hop, rock and EDM compositions.

Captivating the emotion and enhancing the viewer's experience through music is his passion.



featured albums

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Dark Piano



collaborations with other composers and producers creating synergy in styles and ideas for new projects.

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Once Upon a Cowboy is a theme park located in Texas, Tito is currently composing all the music that will be used in the park, attractions and shows to immerse the visitors into a magical experience.

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Into the Cave is a musical montage, Tito is currently composing the songs and writing the script for this new musical adventure that will capture the hearts of many.

Beyond Pro shop is a skateboard shop chain in Mexico, Tito composed and produced a toon for a promotional video in 2020.

Beyond Pro Shop promo 

Beyond Pro Shop, 

Custom music composed & produced by Tito Manzur

Lyrics &  vocals by Tito Manzur


Where There's A Will

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Submission for the Spitfire's & DC competition on Aug 2021

Submission for the Spitfire's & HBO Westworld competition on May 2020.  

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